A Touching Email From A Unhappily Married Woman

A unhappily married woman – and men at times feel that there is no way out…they can feel trapped and that their happy days are gone, I say no way! Why resign yourself to misery when you have so many options out there for happiness, so many different avenues you can take to happiness, especially since.

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I know I say it all the time but I feel it is important, you do not have to stay unhappily married, there are thousands of men and women online every day from all around the world looking to meet you! If you are a man…there are thousands of married women seeking married men in your town or city, if your a woman looking for a married man the same thing applies. There is no safer way to meet someone than to meet them online and in my opinion there is no other safer online dating site other than sarakeane.com whether you are married or single, than www.CharlotteFrench.com.

I received this very touching email of thanks from a unhappily married woman named Emily last week that I would like to share with you. (Emily has given me her permission to publish her email).

An email from an unhappily married woman

Dear Sara,

My name is Emily, and I am from Boston. I wanted to write you a short email of thanks, I found your site ‘married women seeking married men about 2 months ago and I must admit I was skeptical about what I was reading. I have been unhappily married for the past 11 years and I felt that there was nothing I could do about it. I had gone through some real depressing and lonely times, I wanted to get back my enthusiasm for life…I wanted to be loved again.

I had tried other dating sites and found them all to be scams or just not what I was looking for, it may sound silly but the most important thing for me was to meet people or someone that I could relate to because it is hard to meet someone new when you bring a lot of baggage with you from a previous relationship…sometimes they just do not understand.I took your advice and signed up for the free optionĀ  with sarakeane.com and my life has never been the same since, I have met so many other married and single men and women all looking for the same things as me.

I wanted to thank you because finding your site and taking your advice has put the smile back on my face, I now get up in the mornings looking forward to the day and to signing into my sarakeane.com account (I did after a couple of weeks become a full member) to see who I am going to meeting this week.:-)

So thanks again Sara and best wishes,