Married Ladies Looking For Men – Real Men?

Married ladies looking for men

Married ladies looking for men does that sound strange to you? It was the headline on a short magazine article last week, in one of the bigger more popular magazines for women. It would seem that a lot of women are very unhappy with the men they have and would like to trade them in for a newer model. Some married women these days are disillusioned with the men they have, they feel that men should be more like the men of times long past, more rugged, more of a hunter gatherer, some one who is going to get out hunting to catch that nights meal, then swoop her off her feet and make mad passionate love to her in front of a raging fire. That at least was one view point, there is of course another.

Many Married ladies looking are very unhappy in their current relationships, they are feeling unloved, trapped and alone. The marriage has no passion or excitement left in it. However, instead of accepting this as is, unhappily married women these days are going out or online and finding themselves a little bit of fun and excitement in the form of another man. Women have decided that enough is enough and that they are just as entitled to be happy and fulfilled as anybody else.

Dating sites for Married Ladies Looking

As recent as 30 years ago this would have been practically unheard of, the women of that generation grew up in a time when, if you got married, then that was it, you would be shunned and nearly cast out of society if you even considered leaving your husband, never mind having affair. Thankfully these days things are a lot different, the married women of today are not willing to stand by and be miserable for the rest of their lives, and on many on the online dating sites you will find married ladies looking for men.

Married dating sites are becoming more and more popular, especially amongst women who do not want to divorce or separate from their respective partners because of religious beliefs, or because they have children together and in many cases because they still love their partner and the lives they share together, however the spice is gone out of the relationship and they feel they need to get it back into their lives by finding another man and having an affair with married ladies looking for affairs.

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The online dating sites offer a chance to meet someone new in a safe and discreet forum away from prying eyes, their is very little risk of being discovered and you are in full control regarding if and when you want to meet any other members of the site.

A Married Woman Looking For Married Man Is Nothing New

Should we be surprised when we see ads reading, married woman looking for married man? We start asking ourselves questions as to why she would want to date a married man, what is wrong with her husband? if she is single, then why does she want to go and ruin some other woman’s marriage? These are just some of the questions we find ourselves asking when we hear of such a case. Basically, we judge without knowing the facts.

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Everybody wants to be loved, even Married Woman Looking for affairs, we start off our teenage years hoping, without realizing it, that we will meet that special someone, fall in love and be loved back for the remaining years of our lives. For a good portion of society, this actually happens, at least the initial falling in love part happens. Often we can find ourselves and our chosen partner drifting apart after a certain number of years together. A lot of the time this is quite natural, you just out grow each other, or you have learned all that you can learn from that individual, you fall out of love, the list of reasons are endless. However, this is actually quite natural in a lot of cases, not every relationship is meant to last for ever, some just have a natural course to follow and then naturally end.

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Society has deemed this a failure, not society’s failure but our failure, and society at times can be a harsh judge. More often than not the break up is hard for both parties involved and leaves a psychological scar that can take years to heal. We can feel lost without our partner, the stability we felt when times were good, eventually we find ourselves looking for a new partner. Sometimes for women who have had the security of a husband, they naturally seek out, either a man who has been married before and gone through similar circumstances, or a man who is currently married but in a bad relationship. It is seen by many women as taking less of a risk also, they do not have to be tied down again, if the relationship is not working, no problem, they have lost nothing.

Married woman looking for affairs in the UK

If you have spent any amount of time on any of the reputable online dating sites, you will have seen the ads, “married woman looking for married man” more and more, women are starting to voice their needs and are not willing to put up with being unhappy in a passionless marriage anymore, and why should they?

A Touching Email From A Unhappily Married Woman

A unhappily married woman – and men at times feel that there is no way out…they can feel trapped and that their happy days are gone, I say no way! Why resign yourself to misery when you have so many options out there for happiness, so many different avenues you can take to happiness, especially since.

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I know I say it all the time but I feel it is important, you do not have to stay unhappily married, there are thousands of men and women online every day from all around the world looking to meet you! If you are a man…there are thousands of married women seeking married men in your town or city, if your a woman looking for a married man the same thing applies. There is no safer way to meet someone than to meet them online and in my opinion there is no other safer online dating site other than whether you are married or single, than

I received this very touching email of thanks from a unhappily married woman named Emily last week that I would like to share with you. (Emily has given me her permission to publish her email).

An email from an unhappily married woman

Dear Sara,

My name is Emily, and I am from Boston. I wanted to write you a short email of thanks, I found your site ‘married women seeking married men about 2 months ago and I must admit I was skeptical about what I was reading. I have been unhappily married for the past 11 years and I felt that there was nothing I could do about it. I had gone through some real depressing and lonely times, I wanted to get back my enthusiasm for life…I wanted to be loved again.

I had tried other dating sites and found them all to be scams or just not what I was looking for, it may sound silly but the most important thing for me was to meet people or someone that I could relate to because it is hard to meet someone new when you bring a lot of baggage with you from a previous relationship…sometimes they just do not understand.I took your advice and signed up for the free option  with and my life has never been the same since, I have met so many other married and single men and women all looking for the same things as me.

I wanted to thank you because finding your site and taking your advice has put the smile back on my face, I now get up in the mornings looking forward to the day and to signing into my account (I did after a couple of weeks become a full member) to see who I am going to meeting this week.:-)

So thanks again Sara and best wishes,


What Are The Best Married Dating Sites?

Married Dating Sites

Hi everyone, this post is in response to an email I got from a man named James from Boston. James wanted to know a few of the sites that I had tried that I could recommend. No problem at all James, I actually came across one or two which are perfect for married men looking for married women or single men looking to meet foreign women, however I will only list the sites that I have had personal dealings with.

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Sara Married Dating Sites

As always my first choice has got to be simply because it has been the most successful married dating site that I have ever been a member of, it worked for me…that’s not to say it will work for everyone but if your a married woman seeking a married man or a married man looking to meet another married woman this site is very safe and has thousands of members world wide, so no matter where you are in the world you can be sure there is someone looking to meet you. This is especially great if you travel a lot for business, or pleasure :-). And lets not forget…it is free to sign up, then if you feel you want to become a member you may join at any time.

Married And Cheating Married dating Sites

Remember, if you are unhappily married or just lonely and looking to meet someone, there is no shame in that, lots of people are afraid or are embarrassed to even discuss it. Why go through your life lonely…there is no need…especially when you have the world at your fingertips and thousands upon thousands of people just like you already online looking to meet that someone special. So, my advice as always, is TAKE ACTION! What have you to lose?

I am reviewing 2 other married dating sites and I will post a quick review on both of them once I have checked them out properly…a girls work is never done :-). Especially for all those married women out there looking to meet married men :-).


Married Women Seeking Married Men-Where Do I Start?

Married women seeking married men

So, how many unhappily married men and women are there out there who do not know where to go to start their search for a man? I know…a lot 🙂 All I can do is tell you a bit about my story in the hopes that it will help you on your journey. This also applies to unhappily married men looking to meet unhappily married women.

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First of all I would like to say that I have been married for over 7 years now and I do love my husband, but there has been something lacking in our relationship for quite a while now. I enjoy the adventure and passion of meeting another man, whether it is online or in the flesh, and flirting with each other and at times taking the relationship to another level, a physical level. Not all of you will be like me or even think like me but I believe we are all coming from the same beginning desire, we are all looking for some kind of safe and discreet dating for married people service.

For me as a married female in a relatively small town, there was no way that I could meet a man have an affair and expect not to be caught. As a local married woman in the town I am sure someone would recognize me and my secret would not be a secret for long. So, I turned to the internet and was overwhelmed at the amount of different dating sites I found. I could not even begin to tell you the amount of dating sites I joined 🙂 Some were fun and ok and I met some really cool people but I was looking for a lot more.

Dating For Married women seeking married men

Married women seeking married men sounds like a taboo subject but as I said in one of my earlier posts, it actually happens a lot more than you may think. Through a friend of mine I met online, I found a dating site called my friend was a member and said that it was one of the best out there, so I went to the home page and saw that it is a dating service that helps all types of people looking to have an affair connect. Well, naturally enough I was intrigued, after all I am a married woman looking to meet a married or single man to have an affair, my mind was made up!

All the members of are just like us, people who want to meet other like minded men and women for a discreet affair. For married women seeking married men this is great because you know exactly where you stand from the start. is a safe and secure meeting place where you can get to know hundreds of men personally before you commit to meeting them. Meeting the man/men you want to can work a couple of different ways, if they live close by you can arrange a neutral area to meet, if they live far away then they will usually travel to meet you or if they are on business near by you can see them that way, thats just 2 ways that have worked for me in the past.

Married women seeking married men on

Married women seeking married men – If you are serious about meeting a married man or even a single man, use a professional service like, I say this because you need to make sure that you are safe and that the other members have been vetted properly and because there is no rush to meet anyone until you are ready and willing to meet them. Remember, take things at your own pace, that goes for any dating site you choose to join!

Is’nt it time you brought back some excitement back into your life?  Married women seeking married men.

Married And Cheating

When we get married the last thing we think we want or even think about is cheating on our significant other but as we all know people being married and cheating on their husband or wife is a part of life and I will bet that everyone knows someone who is or has cheated on their spouse. At times it seems that it is the in vogue thing to do among both sexes. This is not surprising really when you think about it, I mean, back in the roman times it was considered for the most part, to be perfectly normal for a man to be married and cheating on his wife with other local married women, sometimes even the unhappily married wife of one of his colleagues or friends.

For unhappily married men and women looking to find other people who felt the same was even accepted in most cultures down through the ages, it has only been in the last two hundred years that the whole idea of cheating on your partner or spouse has been seriously frowned upon and been labelled as immoral. We are taught to feel dirty and guilty…especially us women, why is that and why did we put up with it for so long?

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Dating A Married Man who is married and cheating

Dating a married man is by no means easy and depending on what your looking for it can be the wrong solution for a most unhappily married or lonely married women but for others it can be the perfect answer and the right option to choose. Yes, I said choose, and I said choose because I 100% believe that any woman on this planet can go out on any night of her choice and meet a man! Men are constantly looking to ‘score’, and if we as women even show a little interest, maybe flirt a little, we can have any man we want, even if he is married. Dating a married man can have some great benefits, here just a few:

1. A married man 9 times out of 10 is just looking for the exact same things as you are…sex, fun and adventure.

2. A married man will again 9 times out of 10, never be looking for any major commitment…he is never leaving his wife and kids!

3. Dating  married men never gets boring because you do not see them everyday and night, so when you do meet up the relationship is always fresh and exciting.

A little advice for married and cheating people

Now, here is a bit of advice, no matter whether your dating a married or single man, make sure he has something to offer you, and I do not feel ashamed to say this but make sure he has some money 😉 who wants to risk it all for someone who can not take you away on those sex filled romantic weekends or be able to pay for the hotel room? So that is my golden rule and it has served me well in the past.I have had some experience with a bunch of different sites for married and single people but the one that I recommend most to my friends is Ashley Madison.

I hope you have enjoyed my quick post on Married And Cheating and that you found it of some help to you.

Married Women Seeking Married Men

Ok, so what exactly is the problem with married women seeking married men? In fact, whats wrong with a single woman dating a married man? It has always been a taboo subject and yet it has always been a reality since the dawn of time. There are even sites dedicated to dating for married people so that can give you some indication of how many married people are engaging in the practice of dating someone other than their spouse.

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Local Married Women Seeking Married Men

I don’t want to be accused of men bashing here 🙂 but men all around the world for every background and walk of life are guilty of being married and cheating, a lot of them feel that if they are not cheating then there is something wrong with them, it is built into their psyche to be this way and I feel that us girls should take a leaf out of their book for a change. There are a lot of married women seeking married men out there for numerous different reasons , all of which are valid, they maybe unloved by their spouse, their spouse may be cheating on them, they may no longer love their husband, they may be bored and be married women Seeking married men.

Married Women Seeking Married Men for Fun

You may be a local married woman who has a crush on the guy across the street or you may be a lonely married woman who’s husband is never around, whatever the reason your trying to find that  excitement in your life again, that passion mixed with a little danger, or maybe your just a single woman looking for a man but the truth of the matter is that it is extremely hard to find that person, he is surely not just going to appear on your doorstep 🙂 so you have turned to the wonderful resource of the internet, just like I did!