Married And Cheating

When we get married the last thing we think we want or even think about is cheating on our significant other but as we all know people being married and cheating on their husband or wife is a part of life and I will bet that everyone knows someone who is or has cheated on their spouse. At times it seems that it is the in vogue thing to do among both sexes. This is not surprising really when you think about it, I mean, back in the roman times it was considered for the most part, to be perfectly normal for a man to be married and cheating on his wife with other local married women, sometimes even the unhappily married wife of one of his colleagues or friends.

For unhappily married men and women looking to find other people who felt the same was even accepted in most cultures down through the ages, it has only been in the last two hundred years that the whole idea of cheating on your partner or spouse has been seriously frowned upon and been labelled as immoral. We are taught to feel dirty and guilty…especially us women, why is that and why did we put up with it for so long?

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Dating A Married Man who is married and cheating

Dating a married man is by no means easy and depending on what your looking for it can be the wrong solution for a most unhappily married or lonely married women but for others it can be the perfect answer and the right option to choose. Yes, I said choose, and I said choose because I 100% believe that any woman on this planet can go out on any night of her choice and meet a man! Men are constantly looking to ‘score’, and if we as women even show a little interest, maybe flirt a little, we can have any man we want, even if he is married. Dating a married man can have some great benefits, here just a few:

1. A married man 9 times out of 10 is just looking for the exact same things as you are…sex, fun and adventure.

2. A married man will again 9 times out of 10, never be looking for any major commitment…he is never leaving his wife and kids!

3. Dating  married men never gets boring because you do not see them everyday and night, so when you do meet up the relationship is always fresh and exciting.

A little advice for married and cheating people

Now, here is a bit of advice, no matter whether your dating a married or single man, make sure he has something to offer you, and I do not feel ashamed to say this but make sure he has some money 😉 who wants to risk it all for someone who can not take you away on those sex filled romantic weekends or be able to pay for the hotel room? So that is my golden rule and it has served me well in the past.I have had some experience with a bunch of different sites for married and single people but the one that I recommend most to my friends is Ashley Madison.

I hope you have enjoyed my quick post on Married And Cheating and that you found it of some help to you.

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