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How To Date A Married Man?

How to date a married man is a question that has been asked a lot lately by women married and single all over the globe. Dating a married man can be very stressful, especially if you are also married, but the most important thing for you to remember is to be discreet. You can not just turn up at his house any time you choose to, you can not call him up when ever you want to meet him or just feel like chatting.

You both need to set down some basic ground rules to stick by, if you do not have these rules and abide by them, you will be found out, and that is not a very pleasant experience at all. There are people in their sixties who have been having an affair with the same person for twenty or more years without ever being caught, if you are careful, this could also be you.

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The second main rule would be to never be seen in public with this man, sometimes we arrange to meet our lover in an area a few miles away from where we live because we feel we are safe there, well, your not safe there, you may get away without being seen nine times out of ten, but it only takes that one time for you to be spotted and your secret is out.

The third rule to remember is to always let the married man you are dating choose when to meet, you can not try to force him to meet you when it is impossible for him to do so and will only cause him stress and anguish, because if you do this often he will break up with you. This is because a married man will very seldom leave his wife and family for a woman he is having an affair with, simply because he has too much to lose.

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There is no set in stone formula regarding how to date a married man, but if you follow these three golden rules, you should be able to have a fulfilling relationship with a married man.