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A Married Woman Looking For Married Man Is Nothing New

Should we be surprised when we see ads reading, married woman looking for married man? We start asking ourselves questions as to why she would want to date a married man, what is wrong with her husband? if she is single, then why does she want to go and ruin some other woman’s marriage? These are just some of the questions we find ourselves asking when we hear of such a case. Basically, we judge without knowing the facts.

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Everybody wants to be loved, even Married Woman Looking for affairs, we start off our teenage years hoping, without realizing it, that we will meet that special someone, fall in love and be loved back for the remaining years of our lives. For a good portion of society, this actually happens, at least the initial falling in love part happens. Often we can find ourselves and our chosen partner drifting apart after a certain number of years together. A lot of the time this is quite natural, you just out grow each other, or you have learned all that you can learn from that individual, you fall out of love, the list of reasons are endless. However, this is actually quite natural in a lot of cases, not every relationship is meant to last for ever, some just have a natural course to follow and then naturally end.

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Society has deemed this a failure, not society’s failure but our failure, and society at times can be a harsh judge. More often than not the break up is hard for both parties involved and leaves a psychological scar that can take years to heal. We can feel lost without our partner, the stability we felt when times were good, eventually we find ourselves looking for a new partner. Sometimes for women who have had the security of a husband, they naturally seek out, either a man who has been married before and gone through similar circumstances, or a man who is currently married but in a bad relationship. It is seen by many women as taking less of a risk also, they do not have to be tied down again, if the relationship is not working, no problem, they have lost nothing.

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If you have spent any amount of time on any of the reputable online dating sites, you will have seen the ads, “married woman looking for married man” more and more, women are starting to voice their needs and are not willing to put up with being unhappy in a passionless marriage anymore, and why should they?